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5 Ways to Take Care of Canvas Bags

Taking care of canvas bag is very important to keep the bag stays for a long time. Although the maintenance is not as difficult as a leather bag, there are still rules to be followed in washing this bag.
Bags that hasn’t been used for a long time will be easily damaged and not maintained. There are many things you can do to take care of your Canvas Bag, like these 5 easy ways:



Keep the canvas bag neatly

Put the canvas bag in a place that is not too damp but also not exposed to direct sunlight, for example in your wardrobe. A humid place will make bags quickly exposed to mold.



Put camper in the bag

If rarely used, put camper in canvas bag to keep the bag smell nice and not getting mold.


Do not leave the bag get expose to sunlight for too long

Sunlight makes the color of the canvas bag fade faster. For that, avoid leaving the bag exposed to direct sunlight for too long.


Do not use a washing machine to clean the canvas bag

Washing machine with its powerful milling and harsh detergent can’t be used to wash the canvas bag because it will easily damage the material. Wash the bag by hand using a mild detergent in cleaning a canvas bag


Never soak or drown bags in water

When washing or just cleaning the stain, do not soak the whole bag into the water. Always use cold
water and apply it gently on the part of the stained bag.


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Fullhardy : the art of timeless leather

Who says that can use the leather products only the old people? Nowadays, age is not a limitation for us to be creative in the fashion world. Maybe some people still think if the teenagers using leather products will leave the impression of old school or old. But all that is inversely proportional if the product you are using Fullhardy.

In order for you to believe in using leather products, consider the reviews why Fulhardy deserves every interest:

Gives the impression of Luxury

Ever seen a canvas bag and leather bag? If you compare the two materials of this bag, certainly leather bag will show the impression of luxury. The availability of color and style of Fullhardy's varied products provide more options for leather bag lovers, making it suitable for teenagers to old age.


Art On Leather Materials

A few decades ago maybe leather products did not yet have art meaning. But now, any leather material can already be processed in several ways so as to produce different textures. Duration of skin use will make the skin color or motif experience something called patina. This is the art that is contained in Skin-based fullhardy products.


Endurance in Leather Product Usage

Durability of use Fullhardy leather products is difficult to matched. Basically, leather based products can last 5-10 years, depending on the usage and maintenance of the leather product. Not a few among teenagers who are lazy to use a bag of leather for thinking that maintenance is quite difficult. But Fullhardy will teach the owner the easy tips and tricks in taking care of the Fullhardy leather bag.


FullhardySkin Products Can Be Combined in Various Situations

The impression of casual, modern and executive makes Fullhardy leather products can be used on various occasions, ranging from daily activities, holidays, parties, work, or other. The combination of basic leather colors such as black or brown will further facilitate the leather product is to adapt to the existing moment.



In the middle of an increasingly fashionable world, fashion products can be a great investment. One of them is a leather bag, especially since the selling value is can be increase every year.

But how to take care of leather bag long lasting? Simply refer to the following easy tips and tricks:

to make it last forever:

Protect from the first day

Whenever we buy something new, we always want to keep it in perfect condition and the best place to avoid destruction. So, applying a skin-protective cream after carrying a leather bag back home is an effective way of blocking stains and protecting the leather surface from damage.


Clean regularly

In protecting leather bags, regular cleaning is a must. For quick cleaning, using a wet cloth is enough. But to keep your leather bag in good condition, it usually needs to be cleaned more thoroughly by a professional or use specialist cleaning products every 2-3 months.


Use specialist cleaners

Never use baby wipes, vinegar or other home remedies for cleaning bags. Many of these products contain chemicals and substances that can cause dryness or loss of color in leather bags.


Keep the bag while it’s not in use

Use a dust bag to prevent dust buildup and also prevent accidental collisions when the bag is not in use. If you do not have a dust bag, pillowcases can be a substitute alternative.


Keep the bag by filling it

When not in use, fill your bag with bubble wrap or even some unused clothing to keep the shape perfect.


Avoid holding the handles frequently

It sounds a bit odd, but in fact natural oils from skin or oil from moisturizer can slowly damage the leather and cause it to discolor. So try to hold the bag more often on your arm.


Avoid wearing a light-colored bag with new denim jeans

Dye transfer is one of the most difficult stains to remove if it’s attached to a leather bag. One of the most common causes is wearing new denim jeans with light-colored bags. Avoid dye transfers on your leather bag by washing new jeans before wearing them.


Make sure the lid is on!

It’s not a secret that we often have leaky pens, spilled water bottles and broken make up tools inside the bag. When we're in the hurry, we unconsciously throw everything into the bag and forget to check if everything is closed properly. Take your time to put down stationery, makeup tools and water bottles and make sure that all the items are sealed properly.


Be careful where you place your bag

To prevent fading color and damage to the leather bag, avoid putting the bag in hot place or exposed to the sun directly. Heat can cause the leather dry to crack. The best way to prevent drying is by cleaning and protecting bags every 2-3 months. Also apply a protective cream for maximum results.


Use the hook on the clutch

It’s familiar for us to know that Clutch is a very practical bag used for casual occasions or travel to places not too far away. Nowadays not only women who wear it, but men also already love this little bag. To keep the clutch safe from wet tables and dirty floors, you can use a small hook as a clutch hanger on a desk or closet.


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